Gender: People Competition: Miqo’te (Seeker) Preference: Pansexual (Prefers Prominent lovers) Personality: A while bashful in the beginning, however, warm hearted

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Gender: People Competition: Miqo’te (Seeker) Preference: Pansexual (Prefers Prominent lovers) Personality: A while bashful in the beginning, however, warm hearted

Gender: Lady Race: Viera Direction: Bowl Kinks: Sado maso, becoming tied up, breeding, destruction Part: Fuel sub Difficult No’s: Foot, actual waste

The woman is a brat compliment of, and you can tries to feel coy regarding it ERP: Yes Kinks: bratty sandwich, sado maso, class play, getting overpowered Loves: Messaging, reading, heading examining, dancing, passing out mends instance nobody’s business, dressing, and generally having a good time Hates: Unsolvable puzzles, which have the lady loyalty expected, sleeping, individuals who harm other people maliciously, people who skip her thinking whenever this woman is working in things.

Because of the lady condition within Club Resurrection, ERP might be immediately following-hours simply. Inquire the woman too even when, and you can she could probably build an exemption.

IC Years: 25 Battle: Xaela Gender: Men Preference: upright Identity: Magnetic / Hot-headed / Passionate Kinks: skout review Dom, roughness, slavery, aftercare Erp: depends on spirits Wants : chamomile teas, and you will assaulting

It’s also possible to come upon your on their work fundamental set Fuyukawa Juukyo. Maybe you observed that it well known difficulties-originator. Roaming the latest street means of Ul’dah? Let us hook up!

IG age: 28 Race: Lady Raen Taste: Pansexual, however, liking for women Character: Relies on the woman state of mind, usually most upfront about what she wants, but have a tendency to from time to time be very timid ERP: yes Kinks: Destruction, rope play, biting, marks, humiliation, category play, exhibitionism. Quite towards the both side of the button for everybody Loves: Learning, Moving, shower curtains, headpats, ear canal scritches, and you will end dogs. Dislikes: Which have her end removed, sleeping, for kinks, no ages play, zero watersports/scat gamble. Introduction: Hey all the

IG age: 24 Race: Veena Viera Gender: Cis Women Taste: Pansexual Identity: Ranges regarding bashful and bubbly so you’re able to ambitious and brooding, typically dependent on if or not she’s perception submissive otherwise principal

I’m Maggie, a playful Au’ra with kitten eg inclinations which enjoys marks men and women strong absolutely nothing itches anyone never rating scraped

Spends her go out both difficult high-end blogs, or get together the apparatus necessary to exercise. Better, whenever she’s perhaps not handling a bar. or operating in the one. Please state hello

Meeting the newest household members. The new colors black colored, purple, and you will yellow. Candy and you may food. Dance. Leisurely from the a flame or even in a bath. Changing their dresses for example the lady lifestyle relies on they. Dislikes: Noisy abrupt audio. Overattachment. Hugging the girl otherwise coming in contact with the lady ears as opposed to permission (Unless of course the woman is even more submissive). Introduction: Whether or not she can continually be slightly bashful and most a little shy oftentimes, Sophie are a sort and you will comfortable individual just after she grows so you’re able to trust someone (Otherwise with drinking water bravery.) Their both bubbly pastel personality could starkly examine her dark and you will nigh-colorless build alternatives. She would rather be clothed in black and you will grey, whether or not she wouldn’t timid off green, red, otherwise purple in the event your occasion serves they. Without a doubt, according to the woman state of mind you can meet an even more ambitious and you can brooding Viera, and much from soft.

So far as she can give she comes from the latest Veena clan, regardless of if she remembers not out-of this lady homeland otherwise just how she emerged so you’re able to Ul’dah. All of the she remembers are getting out of bed in the Pugilist’s Guild, immediately following having apparently removed a life threatening blow to your head. They nursed their back into health, and you will she set out to your globe to acquire their place.

IC Many years: 31 Competition: Viera Gender: People Liking: bisexual Identity: rude, best Kinks: switch, mommy,brat Erp: hinges on feeling Loves : tonberrys, flowers cigars, flirting Hates: individuals who spend the lady day, liars

She’s nonetheless as an alternative unaware with the greater world as well as other countries, which have suffered particular instead significant amnesia of the girl injury. Even in the event this woman is continuously learning about the country, and continues to discuss it excitedly. Regardless if this lady has located she enjoys the brand new nightclub scene, finding herself a career from the Club Resurrection, where she will be able to display herself among its dancers and you can entertainers.