Understanding Swing Trading Strategies

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Traders use specific candlestick patterns to identify trading opportunities. On the other hand, swing trader has fewer potential but digs out larger profit from the market. It means the longer https://1investing.in/ their position is opened; the more likely the market will move from its opening price. Due to the large number of trades carried out by the day trader, they can earn higher profits.

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Although swing traders spend more time than day traders, they still find the opportunity to gain profit and open and close positions quickly by relying on liquidity and market volatility. Swing trading also has its own risk and rewards and the risk is based on the time at which the investor will enter the market and the time at which the investor will stop at a market. The investor can get out with a profit or can get out with a loss. Swing trading requires less time than day trading and you can maximize your short term profit. Swing trading and day trading may seem similar, however, there is a key difference between the two. The two strategies involve different time frames for holding a trade.

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At the highest, these trades may last for a month, sometimes a couple of months, but generally do not exceed past this time frame. Unlike intraday trading, this form of trading does not require constant monitoring, as the holding period is relatively long. Therefore, it allows more time on hand Active Trading for traders, which can be used for focusing on other parallel investment strategies. Due to their shorter time frames, day traders rarely hold positions overnight. As a result, they avoid the risk of news announcements arriving after business hours generating a large market move against them.

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For analysing different price trends, traders mostly use technical analysis tools. The idea behind using technical analysis is to look for profitable opportunities to generate buy and sell indications. Swing trading is a form of trading that tries to focus on making small gains in medium to short term trends over a particular period of time. These gains despite being smaller can provide a significant amount of returns annually as they are made consistently over time. Day trading requires proficiency in market matters, a thorough understanding of market volatility, and keen sense regarding the up and down in stock values. Therefore, it is performed mostly by experienced investors or traders.

  • Yes, it is true that long term investments tend to provide higher returns as good stocks always go up in price and give regular dividends to the shareholders.
  • A trader might enter a buy trade when the price is in a downward trend and seems to find support at the 61.8% retracement level from its previous high.
  • Most traders prefer using the Japanese candlestick charts since they are easier to understand and interpret.
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The idea is to understand price and volume trends and pick stocks accordingly. Technical analysis is based on the premise that historical price trends tend to repeat over time. Hence, Swing Trading includes the process of investing in undervalued stocks that are on the verge of rallying in price. Another technique that traders can use is simple moving averages. This will help to remove the noise from the trading pattern charts.


However, swing trading, on the other hand, is quite easy to manage. They just have to practice and study the market movements that deliver profit. Generally speaking, the greater the risk, the greater the profit. The trader will place the two SMA lines against each other on a trading chart. When the shorter SMA crosses over the longer SMA , trades plan entry as it signals an uptrend. Conversely, when longer SMA crosses the shorter SMA, it triggers a sell signal.

Yes, Swing Trading can prove to be a good strategy for short term profits. However, it should be accompanied by technical and fundamental analysis. The key factor is that the basic platform offers trading facilities that companies can use to trade stocks in the stock market. On a stock exchange, one can only buy and sell those stocks that are listed on it. India’s prime stock exchanges are the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange. Although the above idea seems lucrative, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Predictions and analysis

When you day trade you can hold a stock for a couple of minutes but never more than a day. Trend trading is usually a couple of weeks to a couple of months. The point at which traders enter a trade position, as defined by technical indicators, is known as the entry point.

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However, that doesn’t count that a day trader will always earn more profit than a swing trader. A day trader keeps the cost minimum because they have opened multiple positions in the market. This is one of the major reasons for holding positions overnight because they are not subjected to overnight funding fees. Day trading is the activity of buying and selling financial instruments like stocks, bonds, futures, or commodities to generate profit from the price movement within a single trading day. ​​These are cases where the small investors with limited to no understanding take a plunge with no serious thoughts to prevent the losses in case of a non-favourable swing in the market.

Can you get rich swing trading?

Swing trading can definitely make you rich. With an average annual return of around 30%, you would double your capital every three years, which will grow to huge amounts over time.

To begin, traders would look for the asset price to move near the upper line, before it retraces and breaks below the middle Bollinger Band. It is a robust bearish candle that closes near the lower BB line. A swing trader will take a position after the formation of the confirmation candle – a robust bearish candle which breaks below the middle BB line, indicating the presence of real sellers. This method allows traders to place a protective stop-loss, above the breakout candle.

Swing Trading Strategy

In the end, stock market success is about observing, learning, and implementing the right techniques to maximise gains. If a stock is trading with high volulmes and also has a lot of ups and downs you will have more swing trading opportunities for intraday trading. High volatility can often be measured through the usage of candlestick charts, as well as by analyzing stock market trends over a specific period of time. Day trading plays on smaller price movements, so the risk is lower than swing trading. When day traders make multiple trades in a single trading day, there are chances of gaining numerous small profits and losses. The major difference between day traders and swing traders is the pattern.

Here, the longer-term will consist of either a few weeks or several months. These investors are exposed to price risk as sometimes in a short duration there is higher volatility in the stock market. On one day the market may be touching new price lows while on the other day it will be breaking records of making new highs in the market. Investors need to find a risk/reward ratio to take advantage of this volatility and price gap of the market.

swing trade india

A Repetitive Trading Pattern for a stock means the recurrence of similar movement patterns in the price of a particular stock over a given period. Stocks with a highly repetitive trading pattern are considered stable and ideal for swing trades. The more repetitive this pattern is, the more reliable a stock is. It offers a few asset classes that investors can browse and utilize their idle finances in stock trading to earn profits. All significant trading exchanges have the option of margin trading. When comparing day trading vs swing trading, a person has to decide what type of trader they want to be.